Tips for Being Single Around Valentine’s Day

February is the time of year that can make you feel especially single. Valentine’s Day on February 14th is the most celebrated romantic holiday in the U.S. for couples, one that can remind you that you are not celebrating it with anyone! This year we have a few tips for you as you experience the month of February still looking for your Christian partner.

1. Use Valentine’s Day as Motivation

It can be easy to stay unmotivated throughout the year, not putting yourself out there and stretching to meet people. To find your significant other, you have to make the effort. Join a new club. Start volunteering where you may meet people of the opposite sex. Attend a cocktail party or a themed mixer. Use February as a motivator to get out there and meet people! By next Valentine’s Day you could be celebrating it with your sweetie.

Ask yourself, what steps have I taken in 2011 to find the right person for me? Are you putting yourself out there in such a way that you will find the right person? Many begin the new year with resolutions. As is often the case, most new year’s resolutions begin to fade by the middle of February. Valentine’s Day can be a great reminder to put yourself out there.

2. Remember the Christian Message

St. Valentine lived in ancient Rome under the rule of Claudius II. In the Roman Empire at that time, marriage was illegal because Claudius viewed married men as too attached to their families and thus poor soldiers. St. Valentine married couples in secret, continuing the tradition of family and married life that has gone back millennia. The triumph of love and commitment over fear is a fantastic theme, even in today’s world.

Valentine’s Day has definitely become a commercial holiday over the years. People spend hundreds of dollars on their girlfriends for roses, dinners, chocolates, etc. Remember that at the end of the day, it’s not about spending money. It’s about demonstrating your love and commitment to someone else.

3. Online Dating Promotions

Online dating sites like eHarmony and Christian Mingle experience some of their heaviest traffic of the year around Valentine’s Day. As a result, many dating sites run sign up specials and promotional offers to further enhance their membership community. Take advantage of these promotions! We will keep you posted on the latest Valentines deals deals and specials. That said, do some research of your own to find out if there is a Christian dating site that is offering a good deal to join.

Valentine’s Day can be a tricky time for singles, given all the emotional baggage that goes along with it. This time around, allow the holiday to empower you. If February 14th can provide you with another boost in your quest to find the right person, this is a definite victory. Good luck and enjoy the holiday!