Private Safaris

Africa can be enormously “grounding”, reawakening many an instinct that lies dormant within us all.

After all, staying at a luxury camp in a National Park or a close-up wildlife encounter (maybe whilst on foot!) are unforgettable moments in time.

One should always look to enhance their experience of Africa, wherever it may take place. Ensure to carefully choose a safari that promises quality, and one that enables you to make the absolute most of every day, making a private safari a great option.

One might argue that a safari to oneself is an indulgence, but that isn’t so when one looks at value and benefit. A private safari for an individual with an overriding special interest is an obvious case in point, allowing him or her to focus on that speciality with a suitable guide and not be overbearing for others.

For a couple, it may be that they simply want to be on their own Private safaris in Kenya and Tanzania  and take each day as it comes with a guide who is flexible and can tailor each day to their every whim.

For a family, the argument becomes even more compelling – a guide who is sensitive to adults and children alike can make each day as exciting or as relaxing as the participants require. All this has value – after all, safaris are hardly cheap and one wants to make the most of every pound or dollar spent. The benefit is, surely, obvious.

An ideal guide for your private safari is one who is utterly knowledgeable and totally in their element, bringing humour, expertise, and enormous fun to the time one spends with them. At the end of the trip, you want to realise just what a vast amount of information they have shared with you. A private safari with an excellent guide is a truly wonderful way to enjoy the bush!

People often think that a safari to themselves means a mobile camp or taking over a whole property and, sometimes, this is exactly the point. There are some stunning private houses and lodges (oceanside villas, too, for one’s after-safari relaxation!) out there. You can also take over entire camps, or erect mobile camps in “just the right spot”. But there’s no reason why a private safari cannot mix private accommodation – say a mobile, or series of mobiles, in Kenya, Tanzania, or Botswana, or a private lodge in Kenya – with other camps and lodges that might have “outside” guests staying at the same time.

In this way, one could spend part of the safari on their own, yet have more social interaction at certain times, thus ringing the changes. This is another benefit of private safaris: the ability to throw the net very wide when one is at the planning stage. This is a precious thing to be valued!

Try it sometime! Private safaris are fantastic!

Private safaris are an amazing opportunity to get up close and personal with wildlife in Africa. We organise the most amazing private safaris.

We are the only exclusive luxury travel company in Europe that is entirely owned and staffed by people who have spent their lives being brought up in Africa and Asia. We know, watch, and understand the seasons – something which cannot be gleaned on a 2-week research trip to a country.