Once the display stand for your booth has been chosen, you need to tie up any and all loose ends and review the details with your vendor. Whether the choice was to purchase a portable display or a large custom exhibition stand, there are still a few final details worthy of your attention.

One of the key details is graphics; the options are probably that either the vendor will create the graphics to go with your display, or that they already exist within the organization or were created by a third party and just need to be printed. In either case, it’s necessary to ensure the new graphic designs are compatible and consistent with existing advertising. When preparing to print the new graphics for the display stand, identify any graphics requirements and the details of how to submit the files. Once the portable display is complete, the vendor should offer to set it up for you to inspect (if the vendor is local), or the vendor should send photos of the completed display for your inspection.

If a custom-designed display is in the plan, then hopefully the objectives and goals for exhibiting have been discussed in detail. Before the design team begins planning your display, they should have a good idea of what you hope to accomplish within the booth at the trade show. Throughout the design process, you’ll be able to review drawings and other renderings of the display, and you’ll be able to comment and suggest changes or modifications that you deem appropriate to the design trade show booth displays.

Regarding graphics for a custom-built display, usually the design team is in close contact with your organization’s graphic designers or your advertising agency to ensure a seamless transition and incorporation of your company’s graphics into the display. The graphics may become posters, they may be laminated components, or they may be actual parts of the display. Regardless of how the graphics are used, they should be consistent with the graphics represented elsewhere in your company’s merchandise and branding.

After all of the pieces of your custom display are designed and built, this display is fully assembled as well for your inspection. Then – as part of the vendor’s service – it should be boxed and shipped either to you or to the trade show where you intend to use it. Other services that custom-design display vendors usually offer and which you might want to inquire about include installing and dismantling the display, maintaining the display, reconfiguring the display for smaller booths, and storing the display in between shows.

The hard part was choosing the display and the best vendor for your display needs, but that wasn’t the end of the work. Don’t forget these last few details and you’ll be certain to be happy with your display when it arrives for your first trade show.

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