The world of advertising is showing dynamic changes everyday and various means are present for the advertisement of different products and services. Online advertising market is showing a considerable growth these days. According to the sources the U.S. online advertising market has shown a consistent growth of over 30% for the past three years. The trend is influencing the global businesses to a great extent. In a market like India, where around 46 million people are direst users of the Internet, there is a huge growth opportunity for the online ad agencies.

These ad agencies are providing various services to different websites, publishers and companies. They provide total marketing solutions and help in bringing the quality traffic inflow to your website. Moreover, these agencies have come up with the concept of banner ads network. You can promote your brand through attractive banners and displays over the Internet. Non Profit Growth Banners help a lot in creating brand awareness. These days banners are proving to be one of the best revenue generating medium. There are certain banner network agencies which can arrange for the prospective clients that are interested in buying your banners. You can generate revenue by selling your banner also.

Moreover, online ad agencies are multi-faceted providing valuable services and that is why globally a huge change is going on in the advertising expenditure of companies. The figures according to a study by Morgan Stanley in the U.S. about the advertising budget are alarming. It says, in 2001 only 4% of the total advertisement expenditure was spent for the Internet marketing while it is showing a 100% growth in 5 years, i.e., in 2006 about 8% of the advertising budget was spent for the Internet marketing. Now, this is the pace with which the world is using the Internet for advertising products and services.

On the other hand, things are changing slowly in India as there are few online ad agencies [] working here that are providing such services. You may expect huge development in this field in the coming years. Online ad agencies are going to change the face of advertisement of India.