Wouldn’t you love to have a home wine room? It’s easy. Take advantage of your cool, moist basement. That is the perfect temperature for wine.

Turning your old basement into a beautiful home wine room for fun and relaxation is easy to do. Just follow the DECORganize formula.

(DECORganize is the way to want to get organized and stay that way. I created it for people that haven’t yet been able to get organized or even feel the motivation to organize.)

DECORganize works especially well for creative people who love beautiful things. First decorate and beautify, and then organize.

You decorate and beautify by replicating a picture the-beautiful-home or the idea you have in your head of how you want one area in your home to look. Perhaps you’ve seen someone with a wine cellar. What did it look, taste, feel like? How can you recreate it in your own home?

I’ll give you a few tips on how to create that look in your own home wine room.

-Keep your basement dark. Put the one in an area that is not under any light glare or heat.

-Store your wine in a quiet area away from the washer and dryer and staircase. Professional organizer Cheryl Ross says this is because vibration can cause air bubbles to form in the wine degrading its quality.

-If you lay your bottles on their side, the cork will stay wet and not break off. I hate when bits of cork float around in the wine. Check out the wine organizing products above to ensure this won’t happen.

-If you do not already have a collection of wine, start building your collection. Ask yourself how much wine you plan on collecting. Do you like to have several bottles around for occasional drinking or do you like to store cases of a favorite or vintage wine? How frequently do you take from your collection?

-Now that you’ve got some wine, you can SORT. Group your wine by category- such as reds, whites, desserts, etc. If you are still not sure what to pick, join a wine of the month club. A delicious bottle of wine delivered to your door each month, ummm.

-Create a catalog of your collection using index cards or computer software. Organize the catalog by wine type and expiration date.

-Purge whatever wine is past the expiry date. Once you have sorted and purged, decide where to house your wine. Will most of the wine stay in your wine cellar/basement while a couple of bottles go upstairs in your wine storage credenza? Does your collection warrant building a real wine cellar or only a small wine storage area in the basement?

-Collect the old furniture you have lying around the basement or attic and arrange it in a grouping. Put a beautiful cloth over the table and arrange seating around it. You can come down here after the kids go to bed and light some candles. Whoever thought basements could be so cozy?

Once you DECORganize the area in your basement you want to be your home wine room, that area is a sanctuary. It’s “holy” so to speak. No other clutter belongs there. You wouldn’t want to put clutter in there! That is how DECORganize keeps you organized. It’s because your home now is full of areas that are beautiful and you want to keep them that way.