Being involved in the network marketing (make money from home) space it’s not hard after while to tell in order to really be successful you must understand how to generate fresh leads. Without it.. you can’t prospect, you can’t bring people into your business… your chance of making any type of income is literally ZERO.

The fact is that we should all know if we’re not consistently bringing in new reps or as my mentor would say bringing in the numbers to find the man or teaching the man to bring in the numbers your income won’t grow the way you want it too.

Now a day’s you’ll be lucky depending on what company you’re in if you have a team of 500 personally recruited people, then you possibly have the chance to sit back and watch your income grow. In the beginning unfortunately that’s not the case you MUST be generating fresh new leads every single day and talking to people so you can recruit new reps more frequently.

So How Can You Do It?

Well, first off you should have a system so you don’t burn out. Third Party systems because they do all the heavy lifting for you (prospecting, culture building etc) that way all you have to do is¬†feed the ‘monster’¬†with new leads. Keeping it simple it really just comes down to network marketing lead generation however the majority struggle with this. So here’s three options you really have:

Generating leads offline

Generating leads online

Buying them (Media Buys)

I know you’re probably thinking there are a TON of other ways you could generate leads. But, really if you focus on any more you’re just going to end up like I did when I first got start which resulted in frustration and information overwhelm. I’ll break down these three fundamentals for you…

Generating Network Marketing Leads Offline

It might seem complicated and not so sexy at first with technology advancing, but generating leads offline actually isn’t that bad of an idea.

I’m a fan of diversifying your marketing and offline strategies are just another one most overlook. Now don’t mistake generating offline leads with walking up to random strangers or friends and pitching them, I mean I won’t even bother bringing up your warm marketing just thinking about that word makes mecringe.

So here’s some ways you can generate leads offline:

Posters (Go to malls, public places)

Drop Cards (Fake dollar bill with your info inside you drop on the ground LOL!!)

Live Events (Social networking events)

Offline advertising (Magazine ads, newspaper, radio etc)

Posters I know probably not your thing, but you’d be surprised by some of the pulling responses you’d get from a well done poster with your information. Some of the highest quality leads you can get offline is some from posters. These are people who took the time to look at the poster, contact you and their ready for change when that happens.

Drop cards- Well I really don’t have much to explain downloading leads from facebook other than the fact it does work, but like any offline strategy if you have more time then money this a good route to test out I wouldn’t encourage you doing it to build your business.

Live events.. now you probably hate the word and like many people they’d rather find an easier solution than going to an event and doing the whole let’s be friends first and then do business. This works remarkably well and some of your best long lasting leads can come from just getting to local events in your area… however it takes a long time. A lot of coffee dates until you can bring them in your business.

Offline ads – Simple of them all and super lucrative for getting results fast. This involves magazine ads, articles, newspaper, radio, billboard. Just think of all the big shot companies who do offline advertising.. Avon. They spend these millions because they make it back.

Generating Network Marketing Leads Online

This is my preferred method that I use personally and at which you’ll see many other Network Marketers trying to as well. See generating leads online requires you know a thing or two about online marketing… which is easier than doing home parties and prospecting.

Online marketing involves generating traffic and capturing that traffic on your squeeze page aka capture page.

This is where most people get hung up when it comes to this online ‘stuff’.

Capture pages are of course just a page you offer people something of free that solves their problem in return for their email. So you can build your list which is primarily your heart and soul of your business. No list. No business.

Now there’s a million ways you could go about generating leads online and most try and learn it all which results in no results. Keeping in mind it starts with getting targeted traffic first.