Essence Of Hotel Refurbishment

Hotel Refurbishment is on the rise in recent years due to the added advantages of refurbishing parts of the hotel whilst keeping the general operations flowing and still allowing income to generate the cash flow. Money earned is money well spent in this scenario.

Unlike homes or offices, hotels welcome thousands of guests year round. With the majority of these guests staying just a few days it makes sense that the huge influx influences the overall wear and tear, especially when it comes to fabric, such as curtains or bed sheets.

Although the Housekeeping departments usually do a fabulous job in overseeing duties such as cleaning, laundry and hygiene, the shelf life of a lot of soft furnishings decreases way before they would on the domestic scene.

Maintenance of other amenities, such as walls, ceilings, flooring and electrical fittings is also non-stop and would also see the need for change sooner rather than later.

For this reason hotel owners have now recognised that it would be cheaper to refurbish so many rooms in any given year rather than to build new ones (where possible of course). The techniques used nowadays by Hotel Refurbishment specialists ensure that it is business as usual in other areas of the hotel and the end result will leaving guests wondering whether this is the same room they stayed in the previous year.

It has been calculated that hotels save up to 80% when deciding to refurbish as the costs required to maintain something older far outweigh the refurbishment ones. Professionals are capable of refurbishing up to 10-15 rooms per day and the use of non-hazardous Domestic Refurbishments London material will ensure that the rooms will be immediately ready for use.

Few guests would want to return to a hotel which does not keep their rooms looking spotless and modern. Unless the style of the hotel itself is antique, there is no need to live in the past and offer guests a sense of nostalgia better left behind. Few guests would want to stay in rooms without modern amenities nowadays and the colour, decor and furniture all play a major role in their satisfaction ratings.

Identify which parts of the hotel require refurbishing, giving priority to public areas and guestrooms. This does not mean that you should not consider refurbishing staff areas whenever necessary, as this would imply to your own staff that you do not care about their welfare.