All About Vintage Jewellery

The Vintage look is one of the most difficult fashion trends to pull-off well. Knowing which items constitute vintage is part of the problem, and the next stage is incorporating these items into contemporary fashion trends. If you have successfully mastered the vintage/retro look, then the next step is to add items of vintage jewellery, and if you thought that mastering the clothing was hard, then you are in for an even harder time now.

Jewellery in the vintage style is wonderfully versatile; they will enhance any outfit, regardless of whether the clothing is contemporary or retro. They key difficulty comes when teaming vintage jewellery with vintage clothing, it is very important that items belong to the same era, otherwise you pencil dress risk wearing an outfit that appears incongruent and ill conceived. Whether you add brooches, bracelets, earrings, watches, or necklaces, make your choice with care, different items add different ‘spirits’ (so to speak) to an outfit, some carry glamorous connotations, others carry funky connotations. Make sure that you avoid mixing styles, so, if your outfit is casual, avoid sophisticated items of jewellery, but if your outfit is upmarket use jewellery to add a little glamour.

Follow our simple steps and you will soon understand the minefield that is costume jewellery.

Buying Vintage Jeweller
Before you can wear your jewellery, you have to find it. There are many different retailers from which you can purchase vintage jewellery, but the internet is by far your best bet if you are looking for affordable, trendy items.

When shopping for jewellery online, you can use internet auction sites. These are great because they offer the best bargains. However, there are a few problems here. Firstly, if you do not like the item, it is unlikely that you will be able to return it or receive a refund. Secondly, you are never guaranteed that the items are genuine.

Rather, when shopping online for jewellery, the best retailers are the specialist online vintage clothing retailers. Not only will they offer a large selection of jewellery, the majority will offer invaluable advice as to the types of outfit the particular piece will suit, and whether the item will be suitable for you.

Alternatively, if you are reluctant to make online purchases, you can always visit flea markets, thrift shops, and specialist boutiques. Bear in mind, however, that choice will be limited and you may well come away disappointed.

Get the Perfect Look: Be Creative
Use a little imagination when adding an item of vintage jewellery to your outfit. Contemporary fashion trends can be described as post modern, this means that we take fashion from past eras and put them to different purposes. For instance, rather than wearing a brooch on your jacket, change the fixture and use it as a hair slide. This may sound odd, but this is how the fashionista fashion their clothes.